Interview with Sadie Quarrier: National Geographic Magazine's Sr. Photo Editor of Expeditions

Happy to have had a chat with Sadie Quarrier about expedition storytelling for Project Cordillera. 


Charlotte Kesl: What draws you to adventure and expedition storytelling?

Sadie Quarrier: What I love about my adventure and exploration beat is the community of photographers, videographers and athletes (adventurers, climbers, mountaineers, etc.) that this allows me to work with daily….

madrid, february 2014. 

madrid, february 2014. 

Have camera, will travel: 50 Awesome Photo Workshops Around the World

Excited that our Project Sierra Leone is included on this list!

Momenta Workshops: Momenta practices what they preach. Their mission is to use photography to create a global dialogue for a better world.”

compay segundo. chan chan. 

Project Cordillera

Introducing Project Cordillera

Socially and environmentally responsible tourism should be the norm. 

We provide a personal route to make this happen.

Join us on a trek, climb or mountaineering course in Peru beginning May 2014.

– Ain't Misbehavin' (20 plays)

heard this today in a cafe in madrid. one of dad’s favorites. 

czech republic, slovakia, italy, turkey, 2008.

'Like a Rolling Stone'

Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” music video

bernays ‘buster’ bishop, my grandfather.

bernays ‘buster’ bishop, my grandfather.


Aurita Castillo – Eco De Tambores (495 plays)

sunny morning. listening to cumbia colombiana. 

UN News - Colombia: UN chief congratulates negotiating parties on peace agreement

Children at a rural secondary school in La Ceja del Tambo, Antioquia, Colombia. Photo: World Bank/Charlotte Kesl

happy halloween, y’all. {baby charlotte, circa 1991). 

happy halloween, y’all. {baby charlotte, circa 1991). 

brillant disguise 

Lennie Kesl – I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance (83 plays)

Today, when I opened up the golden portable record player my dad left for me, Frank Sinatra’s 1946 ‘Ghost of a Chance’ album was inside.

Dad sang it all the time and recorded a version with Alan Broadbent on piano in 1979. 

more images from Yoga Strength all around freetown, april 2013.